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Light-Sport Repairman Courses

  • Do you own an Experimental-Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) or plan to?

  • Do you want to perform your own annual condition inspection and save the cost of an A&P Mechanic?

  • Do you just want to learn more about inspection of sport aircraft?

Then plan to attend one of our FAA-accepted 16-hour training courses. At the conclusion, you'll be eligible for an FAA Light-Sport Repairman- Inspection (LSRI) rating. We have FAA acceptance for our airplane (fixed-wing), weight-shift (trike), and powered parachute (PPC) courses.

  • Would your organization consider hosting a course at your location?

We take our courses to locations all around the country. If your organization would like to host a course at your location, email us at the address shown at left. Meanwhile, click here to download a document that describes the process of hosting a course.

  • For more information or to register for a course, click one of the links below. Or simply scroll down the page.

Course Schedule (Back)
We conduct courses at our home base in Lawrenceville, GA, and at other locations. If you would like us to bring the course to your location, contact us-- if there is sufficient interest, we'd be happy to do so.


Aircraft Class


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Dec 5-6, 2009

Fri-Sat course


Medord, OR Area
Illinois Valley Airport (3S4), Cave Junction, OR
(Google map)

Registration Form

Dec 7-8, 2009

Sun-Mon course


Medord, OR Area
Illinois Valley Airport (3S4), Cave Junction, OR
(Google map)
Dec 9-10, 2009

Tue-Wed course


Medord, OR Area
Illinois Valley Airport (3S4), Cave Junction, OR
(Google map)

Jan 22-23, 2009

NOTE: Thu-Fri course


U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, Sebring, FL
Paradise Aviation, LLC, 446 Hendricks Field Way, Sebring, FL 33870
(Google map)

Registration Form

Feb 21-22, 2009

NOTE: dates changed


Atlanta, GA Area
1512 Game Trail, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(Google map)
Note: location change

Registration Form

Feb 28-Mar 1, 2009


Atlanta, GA Area
EAA Chapter 690 Hangar 1, Gwinnett County Airport (LZU), Lawrenceville, GA
(Google map)
Mar 14-15, 2009

Powered Parachute

Atlanta, GA Area
EAA Chapter 690 Hangar 1, Gwinnett County Airport (LZU), Lawrenceville, GA
(Google map)

Mar 21-22, 2009


Mobile, AL Area
M-Squared, Inc
St. Elmo Airport (2R5)
10050 Hwy 90 West
St. Elmo, AL 36568
(Google map)

Registration Form

Course Fee (Back)
The course fee is $399, with a discounted price of $349 for EAA, USUA, or ASC members. For courses held at our home base in Lawrenceville, GA, fees may be slightly lower.

Registration (Back)
Pre-registration for our LSRI courses is required. To register, please click the Registration Form link in the course schedule above. Print the form, fill it out, and either scan/email it, FAX it, or mail it to us. We accept payment by VISA or Mastercard over the phone. Or, we welcome checks mailed with the registration form. Registrations are accepted in the order received.

We will send you a confirmation by email (preferred) or U.S. mail when we receive your payment. If the course is full at that time, we will either hold your payment, awaiting possible cancellations, or return your payment, at your direction.

Cancellation/Rescheduling (Back)
FAA restricts the maximum number of students in each course. Because of that, it is important that courses are well attended. We may choose to cancel courses that do not fill up; if so, we will return all fees in full.

If you cancel your registration within 14 days of the course date, we may charge you a cancellation fee, according to the schedule below. If you re-register for a later course, we may refund a portion of the cancellation fee.

14+ Days- No Fee
7-13 Days- $100 fee
1-6 Days- $150 fee
No Show- full course fee

The Light-Sport Repairman Ratings (Back)
As part of the sweeping Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft regulations, FAA regulation 65.107 created two new repairman ratings for light-sport aircraft:

  • Light Sport Repairman- Inspection (LSRI)
    • Authorizes owners of Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft (E-LSAs) to perform the annual condition inspection only on their own aircraft.
    • Requires attending an FAA-accepted 16-hour training course
    • Separate courses for each E-LSA category
      • Airplane
      • Weight-shift
      • Powered parachute
      • Gyroplane
      • Glider
  • Light-Sport Repairman- Maintenance (LSRM)
    • Authorizes the holder to perform maintenance and the annual condition inspection on E-LSAs or Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSAs).
    • Authorizes the holder to perform 100-hour inspections on S-LSAs and E-LSAs used for training or towing for compensation or hire
    • Requires attending an FAA-accepted 80-120-hour training course
    • Separate courses for each S-LSA category
      • Airplane
      • Weight-shift
      • Powered parachute
      • Glider

Note: neither of these courses will allow a person to perform the annual condition inspection on an Experimental-Amateur-Built aircraft.

(Click here for an explanation of E-LSA, S-LSA, and E-AB)

To be eligible for an LSRI rating, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to speak and write English
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident
  • Attend a 16-hour FAA-accepted training course
  • Demonstrate the skill to determine whether a light-sport aircraft is in a condition for safe operation
  • Own an E-LSA

Important: you do not need to own an E-LSA when you take the course. The course completion certificate does not expire. If you acquire an E-LSA at some time in the future, you will be eligible for issuance of the repairman certificate. Also, if you acquire another E-LSA in the same category as one you currently own, you may add it to your existing LSRI certificate without taking another 16-hour course. So don't lose your course completion certificate!

Course Description (Back)
FAA Order 8000.84 contains requirements for FAA-accepted training courses for LSRI. Our courses for fixed-wing airplanes, weight-shift aircraft, and powered parachutes are FAA-accepted.

The courses are generally held on weekends, beginning at 8:00 Saturday morning and ending by 7:00 Sunday evening. Unless you live close by, we recommend you arrive Friday evening. Arrangements for transportation, lodging, and meals are your responsibility.

The class sessions start promptly at 8:00 AM each day and end at 5:00 PM, with an hour for lunch and a 15-minute morning and afternoon break. On Sunday evening, students are asked to remain until their final test has been graded and the completion certificate issued--no later than 6:00 PM. Dress is casual--dress for your comfort. In accordance with FAA requirements, each course is limited to 16 students. Class sessions are 75% lecture/discussion using PowerPoint slides and 25% practical projects. Students must be present for all class sessions to qualify for a completion certificate; no makeup sessions are possible.

At the end of the second day, a final open-book test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions is given. The minimum passing grade is 80%.

Once you pass the final test, we will give you a completion certificate.

If you do not pass the final test, FAA requires that you not receive a course completion certificate. To allow you the best chance of passing the test, we supply study materials when you register.

Obtaining Your Certificate (Back)
Your nearest FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) will issue your Repairman certificate. Go to to find the FSDO office nearest you.

You will need to actually visit the office, bringing photocopies of your course completion certificate along with the registration certificate and airworthiness certificate for your ELSA. It is also important to bring a government-issued identification, such as a drivers license. The FSDO will require that you fill out an FAA Form 8610-2 "Airman Certification and/or Rating Application." Click here to see an example of how to fill out the form. The example is for a weight-shift repairman certificate for a specific N-numbered and serial-numbered trike, as listed in the "Type Work Performed" field in Block III. You would enter the aircraft class, N-number, and serial number for your ELSA.

The FSDO will issue you a temporary repairman certificate on the spot and you'll get the permanent plastic certificate in the mail a few weeks later. The permanent certificate looks like an FAA pilot certificate and identifies your E-LSA by aircraft class, N-number, and serial number.

It is also important to note that, like other FAA certificates, you will be required to notify FAA of address changes within 30 days. Also, alcohol/drug convictions may result in denial or revocation of your LSRI certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (Back)

Must I own an Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft to obtain an LSRI rating? ANSWER: Yes, FAA issues your repairman certificate only when you show evidence that you own an E-LSA and present your 16-hour course completion certificate.

Can I benefit from attending your course, even if I do not currently own an Experimental Light-Sport aircraft? ANSWER: Definitely! Your course completion certificate (which does not expire) will make you eligible for the repairman certificate when you acquire an E-LSA in the future. Beyond that, perhaps you simply want to learn more about inspection of sport aircraft.

What if I buy another E-LSA-must I attend another repairman course to have my rating apply to the new aircraft? ANSWER: As long as the new aircraft is in the same E-LSA "class" as your repairman rating (i.e., airplane, weight-shift, powered parachute, glider, gyroplane, or lighter-than-air), you would not need to attend another course. All you would need to do is present your local FSDO with evidence of ownership of your new E-LSA, and they will issue a new repairman certificate identifying that aircraft. In fact, if you own multiple E-LSAs, they can all be listed on your repairman certificate, assuming they are all in the same class.

I plan to use my ELSA for flight training or towing of unpowered ultralight vehicles for compensation or hire until January 31, 2010. I understand that, in addition to the annual condition inspection, I'll be required to have a 100-hr inspection. Will the 16-hour course allow me to perform the 100-hr inspection? ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. The 100-hr inspection must be done by an A&P mechanic or by a light-sport repairman with a "maintenance" rating--a graduate of the 80-120-hr course.

I own an Experimental Amateur-Built aircraft--will the course allow me to perform my own annual condition inspections? ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. The course applies only to owners of Experimental Light-Sport aircraft. To be eligible for an amateur-built repairman rating, you must be the original builder.

I own a Special Light-Sport aircraft--will the 16-hour course allow me to perform maintenance and my annual condition inspections? ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. The annual condition inspection and any maintenance other than simple things like changing oil, changing tires, etc, must be done by an A&P mechanic or by a light-sport repairman with a "maintenance" rating--a graduate of the 80-120-hr course.

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