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From time to time, we have written articles for aviation publications. On this page, you may download a PDF file of any of the articles listed by simply clicking its link in the table below.


Article Title

Sport Pilot
Jan 06

"Transitioning Your Ultralight"- steps in the ELSA registration & certification process

Sport Pilot
Mar 06

ABCs of Airspace- a summary of airspace designation for LSA and EAB pilots

Sport Pilot
Apr 06

"Preparing for an Airworthiness Inspection"- things the DAR will look for

Sport Pilot
Jul 06

"Engine Information Systems"- description, theory, and practical considerations

Sport Pilot
Sep 06
"Flying Made Easier for LSA Owners"- an analysis of the beneficial changes in the new FAA Order 8130.2F Change 2
Sport Pilot
Apr 07
"Prepare for ELSA Certification- The Deadline is Sooner Than You Think"- explains the urgency of getting your ELSA registration and certification started early.

Sport Pilot
May 07

"Weight and Balance for ELSA"- leads you through a weight and balance step-by-step, including creating the weight and balance report