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SLSA Consulting

  • Are you an SLSA manufacturer who needs help with:

    • Understanding and meeting the ASTM standards
      and FAA requirements?

    • Creating aircraft operating instructions (AOI), flight manual supplements, and maintenance manual (MM) documents?

    • Setting up engineering, production, flight testing,
      quality control, document control, continued airworthiness tracking and other systems required
      by the ASTM standards and FAA requirements?

    • Getting your first aircraft certificated as an S-LSA?

    • Getting subsequent aircraft certificated as S-LSA?

    • Periodic audit of your design and internal systems to the ASTM standards and FAA requirements?

    We can help with all these activities, through our extensive experience, which includes:

    • More than 40 years experience in building and restoring sport aircraft of all types, including sheet metal, tube-and-fabric, composite, and wood, ranging from simple light-sport aircraft to complex retractable-gear, constant-speed homebuilts and antiques/classics

    • More than 30 years experience with aircraft engineering, manufacturing, and quality control, including full FAA type certification programs

    • Direct experience with SLSA programs for both domestic and foreign SLSA manufacturers

    • Active membership in the ASTM F37 Light-Sport Aircraft committee

    • Certification of more than 100 ELSAs and SLSAs as an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative

For more information on our SLSA consuting activities, we welcome you to phone or email us.